On The Red Dot: Runs In The Family, 2019

Chef Joe’s decision to follow in his celebrity chef dad Sam Leong’s footsteps becomes all the more poignant when Sam is stricken with cancer. What happens next reveals the depth of familial bonds.

China’s Growing Appetite, 2019
Assistant Producer & Researcher

China. It’s home to 1.4 billion people.

Hundreds of millions of Chinese are joining the global middle class – with more money to spend on eating more, and eating better.

Calorie intake has doubled over the past decades, and China is set to account for nearly half of the global rise in food demand by 2050. With its meteoric rise, comes a new challenge: With a fifth of the world’s population, but less than a tenth of the world’s arable land, how will it feed its increasingly affluent population? Just how far will China’s eating habits dictate politics and economies around the world? 

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