What makes us Weekids

Before I became a Weekid, I didn’t expect that Weekids are actually unique to the rest of NTU. As a Weekid, I do find that fellow Weekids get me, and it’s actually not as easy to communicate with some non-Weekids as a result. I sometimes find myself being surprised at how non-Weekids do things differently from us. During exchange, I wished I could work with Singaporeans but now that I’m back in NTU, I wish I could work with Weekids, not people from different faculties because we aren’t on the same page. Are we even on the same chapter or same book…? And so, let me tell you what makes us Weekids. (I’m just gonna include the points that are more relatable to me and some Weekids. Of course being instafamous and super pretty is one but it’s not applicable to me.)

  1. We work on Macs
    Macintosh. We have complete faith in Macintosh. It’s a total bummer if you’re the only one in the group without a Mac. How to airdrop you stuff? Omg, once someone asked me what is airdrop so I said can you search it in the finder? You’ll be able to find it. Guess what he typed? Add drop. Oh dear. Facepalm.
  2. When we have a meeting, we have a meeting with laptops
    I can’t believe it. Recently, I had a few meetings with non-Weekids and nobody in the group brought their laptops. Isn’t it self-explanatory? I thought since we are in Uni, we should always bring laptops to meetings. And it’s not just me because when I had meetings with Weekids, everyone brought their laptops. After the encounter with a group of people with no laptops, I said to my Weekid friends: “Wow, everyone brought laptops!” And they said: “Yeah, it’s a meeting. Aren’t we supposed to bring laptops?” It’s just ingrained in us Weekids and I wish other people can do the same.
  3. We speak English
    Yes please, English all the way. English is our lingua franca so I don’t think it’s very professional if we use our mother tongue during our discussions. During JC, I was quite annoyed when people deliberately spoke in Chinese in a group where there were non-Chinese. I’m glad it doesn’t really happen here in WKWSCI.
  4. We watch film
    I think the average Weekid watches more film than the average NTU student. Our assignment for the week can be watching films but that’s sometimes also for a film review, etc. Weekids also generally attend film events and festivals so it’s actually super hard for me to ask non-Weekids to go to the movies, much less to a film festival. Sometimes when they ask me about a film, I half want to give up because I sometimes feel like they’re just being courteous by asking, and they aren’t actually interested in the answer at all
  5. We use Telegram
    Whatsapp is so last century. Why do people still use Whatsapp? If you have any Weekid friend, your convo’s gonna be on Tele.
  6. No such thing as wearing shorts, slippers, no make-up to lecture
    Weekids love to dress up. Weekids generally look quite good also because of their wardrobe and their nice makeup. I personally don’t understand why some people actually wear slippers to class. There was a student who wore shorts and slippers for a presentation outside of WKW. I was quite shocked by that.
  7. We can totally trust a fellow Weekid to take a photo
    Weekids usually take really nice photos. When I bump into Weekids during events, I usually just approach them to help take a photo because it’s gonna turn out FINEEEEEEEEE.
  8. Once in a blue moon, we spot a male Weekid
    The male:female ratio is something like 1:7? In my FYP class of around 20-25, I think there are 3 guys only. It’s usually like that for every other class. Hahaha.
  9. We don’t do finals, just lots of videos during the sem
    We never have 70% finals. I think this is really good. You should work hard throughout the sem, not only during the exam period and I think this is the beauty of our mods! The tough projects are during the sem. We work hard during the sem, and we can end exactly on Week 13! Yayyyyyy!!!
  10. Almost every Weekid can be a model (sadly, I’m the exception)
    Yeah, most Weekids look really good and not to mention, many are also multi-talented. Pick any random Weekid and you realise they sing, dance, DJ, and are on the Dean’s List.

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Broadcast and Cinema Studies student from WKWSCI, NTU. Field of interest: Film and film festivals, Documentary.

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