I’m planning on leaving

For most of my time in Singapore, I’ve not truly been satisfied nor truly happy.

I find comfort in my travels, and I was my happiest last year during my long escape from Singapore. It is so easy to be unhappy in Singapore. Most people are rude – Singaporeans and foreign workers alike. I long for my return to England, not another 6 months but for good. There’s so much I like about Singapore – food, accessibility, family – but is it worth being unhappy to stick in my comfort zone?

I was much more polite and smiley overseas, but that seemed to only be the case because amid all the darkness in London are lovely individuals who were often kind to me.

And regarding setting up a family, maybe it’s because I don’t find it realistic to do so here. Why would I want a partner who is Singaporean-unhappy? Why would I want my child to suffer?

I am slowly feeling tired of this place. More recently, the government is imposing more laws to tighten our press freedom. Seriously, stop it. As a communication studies undergraduate, I cannot accept this. This is absurd. We are ranked (#151) closer to North Korea (#180) than Uganda (#112), Afghanistan (#120) or Ghana (#26) in the 2017 World Press Freedom Index.

I am considering places to move to after my graduation. I can work at film festivals, museums, etc. I’m also super open to taking up a master’s degree if it’s sponsored hehe. Recently, I have been applying to a number of overseas trips. While I do want to learn more skills from their programmes, it is also important for me to gain exposure to different countries to find out if any of these countries are actually suitable for me to move to.

Some places on my list now:

  1. United Kingdom (England, Scotland)
  2. Canada
  3. Australia
  4. New Zealand
  5. Denmark
  6. Sweden
  7. Finland

London is no.1 on my list haha but quite ex and I need to do more research first!!!
for nos. 5-7 they are extremely appealing but the tax ah… really too high already.

I do like Singapore for many aspects but unfortunately, I’ve been suppressed and stifled here for too long, and I’ve decided it’s truly time for me to leave.

Published by Adora

Broadcast and Cinema Studies student from WKWSCI, NTU. Field of interest: Film and film festivals, Documentary.

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