A trip to the museum

Hi! 🙂

Yesterday was a relaxing Sunday. I headed for Yoga in the morning at Lululemon. I was sooooo early (30/40 min!) but I was waiting at the wrong Lulu store so I ended up being late hahaha.

Decided to head to ArtScience Museum spontaneously. Took in the sights, felt like some cool person in my activewear and yoga mat slung across my body. I was there for Art from the Streets. I was very attracted by Banksy and graffiti. The curator Magda Danysz seems really impressive. She has her own international galleries so some of her works are actually in this exhibit.


We started the exhibit with Seen and Blade. They started graffiti in their teens. I think one of them did graffiti on 5,000 New York subway trains like it really brought vibrance to the city. Wow… wait, it’s allowed? Ok they are truly liberal hahaha.


Banksy’s. I remember heading to Damien Hirst’s exhibit in London @ Newport Street. Saw so many of Banksy’s works in a tunnel! My memories at Vault Festival are very vivid too. I entered a dilapidated tunnel, wondering if I was going to the right place. I was. It’s just one of the most unbelievable experiences ever. Seeing people making art, looking up to a masterpiece ~5 metres above me, throughout the tunnel. Wow. Such a great time to be alive, what a beautiful place to be. I wish I could surround myself with such greatness. Shall I? I have thoughts of leaving Singapore and being a nomad.

This piece was done onsite by Sheryo & Yok. This is actually inspiring to me. I watched a series of videos of them heading to different countries to paint. This reminds me of FACES PLACES, which I will be watching soon at Arts House. Basically hipster JR (which appeared on Timmy’s ig today mmmmmm) and FNW-pro Agnes Varda go around France and paint huge murals. Cool. Just look at them. They are the sweetest bunch ❤

Related image

I saw a couple of dancers there too 😀


And here are a few others that I enjoyed.


So there was a mural area for us too. This is my message for the Instagram-whores. Triggered after watching Ingrid Goes West.


Till then!

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