Hello! I am Adora, a former producer and researcher for China’s Growing Appetite, a three 45-minute episode series that ties China’s political power with food, as well as On The Red Dot: Runs in the Family with Channel NewsAsia’s Current Affairs team.

I was also a post-producer at Singapore’s primary post-production facility Mocha Chai Laboratories where I was responsible for the coordination of projects among our Colour, Audio Post and Mastering teams.

As a Broadcast & Cinema studies graduate from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI) at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, I have produced a couple of films, organised Perspectives Film Festival, headed to Busan International Film Festival and produced a multimedia project. I have also recently edited my final year project Pawnshop, which follows the stories of customers who converge at a Singaporean neighbourhood pawnshop.

During my six-month exchange programme in Europe, I visited film festivals around Europe and with the observations I gathered, I created Eurofilm Collective which consolidates information and reviews about film festivals around Europe. Being fascinated by film criticism as well, I have also published content for the Udine Far East Film Festival Campus 2020 and the Singapore International Film Festival’s Youth Jury & Critics Programme 2018.

I have also organised several film festivals including Malaysian Film Festival 2019 as well as Singapore Film Society’s 60th anniversary celebrations cum SHIRKERS Premiere, Singapore Chinese Film Festival and MINDS Film Festival.

I was also part of the Looking China project, which gathers international student filmmakers to tell a story through film. I was deeply fortunate to meet the local Bouyei people of 水头寨 (Shuitou Village), where everyone has the same surname 罗 (Luo). I documented the daily lives of a winemaking family. You can watch 水头故事 Stories by the River now.

I am also a part-time English and Math tutor, a volunteer at the Singapore Children’s Society and Destination Imagination Singapore. I am a huge fan of Yoga, and almost any other fitness activity.

I’m an enthusiastic person, so feel free to reach out! 🙂